A potential role for imaging technology in anticancer efficacy evaluations.

  title={A potential role for imaging technology in anticancer efficacy evaluations.},
  author={Melinda G. Hollingshead and Carrie A. Bonomi and Suzanne D. Borgel and John P. Carter and Robert Shoemaker and Giovanni Melillo and Edward A. Sausville},
  journal={European journal of cancer},
  volume={40 6},
The introduction of imaging methods suitable for rodents offers opportunities for new anticancer efficacy models. Traditional models do not provide the level of sensitivity afforded by these precise and quantitative techniques. Bioluminescent endpoints, now feasible because of sensitive charge-coupled device cameras, can be non-invasively detected in live animals. Currently, the most common luminescence endpoint is firefly luciferase, which, in the presence of O(2) and ATP, catalyses the… CONTINUE READING

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