A post-Bourdieusian sociology of valuation and evaluation for the field of cultural production

  title={A post-Bourdieusian sociology of valuation and evaluation for the field of cultural production},
  author={Stefan Beljean and Phillipa K. Chong and Mich{\`e}le Lamont},
Evaluation in Interaction: The Pragmatic Approach to Artistic Judgement
The aim of this paper is to discuss the pragmatic approach to studying artistic evaluation. The paper engages with recent literature and examines current trends in research on amateur and expert
Bewertungskulturen. Ein Vorschlag für eine vergleichende Soziologie der Bewertung
Die interdisziplinare Erforschung von Bewertungsphanomenen hat in den vergangenen Jahren eine Konjunktur erlebt, wobei das Erstarken der soziologischen Auseinandersetzung mit Wertzuschreibungen sich
Three Modes of Valuation Practices in Art Games
Several suggestions on distinguishing between “modes” of valuation practices are found in the literature. In this contribution, valuation practices are moves in a kind of social play that generates
The Digital Curation of Broadcasting Archives at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Curation Culture and Evaluative Practice
The project examined how archivists at the CBC evaluate, transform, enrich, and reuse archival news materials and sought to understand how organizational and computational processes and systems intersect with human factors in digital curation practice.
Practicing Media – Mediating Practice | Evaluative Practices in a Broadcasting Newsroom Archive: Culture, Context, and Understanding in Practice
Seeking to contribute to practice theory debates on the nature of culture and cognition, this article draws on work in cultural sociology to present an approach for analyzing the cultural processes
The Performance Complex
Musicians, dancers, and actors perform. Politicians, doctors, and teachers do also. Millions perform their everyday selves on social media. And while some perform, others keep score. We live in a
The Impact of Pressures to Produce on Knowledge Production and Evaluation in the Modern Academy
Combining work from the related but distinct fields of sociology of knowledge and sociology of education, we explore the effects of the changing landscape of higher education on the academic
Critical circles and regional reputations: the Chicago imagists and the politics of art world peripheries
Current research on artistic groups suggests the career benefits of being place-based. This article examines the Chicago Imagists—a group defined by local recognition in Chicago and limited national


Dimensions of Conventionality and Innovation in Film: The Cultural Classification of Blockbusters, Award Winners, and Critics’ Favourites
Today’s complex film world seems to upset the dual structure corresponding with Bourdieu’s categorization of ‘restricted’ and ‘large-scale’ fields of cultural production. This article examines how
Status, Quality, and Social Order in the California Wine Industry
This paper examines how a producer's status in the market influences its choices about product quality, and the outcomes that result. We compare economic models of reputation that emphasize the role
Constructing Quality
  • Constructing Quality
  • 2013
Art from Start to Finish
When is an artistic work finished? When the copyeditor makes the final correction to a manuscript, when the composer writes the last note of a symphony, or when the painter puts the last brushstroke
Trente ans après La Distinction de Pierre Bourdieu
Des sa parution en 1979, le livre de Pierre Bourdieu, La Distinction, fait l'objet de vifs debats. Mettant au jour les determinants sociaux de nos gouts et de nos choix dans des domaines tres divers
Richard Rorty: The Making of an American Philosopher
On his death in 2007, Richard Rorty was heralded by the "New York Times" as "one of the world's most influential contemporary thinkers." Controversial on the left and the right for his critiques of