A positive domestic violence screen predicts future domestic violence.

  title={A positive domestic violence screen predicts future domestic violence.},
  author={Debra Houry and Kim M Feldhaus and Benjamin Peery and Jean Abbott and Steven Lowenstein and Sameerah al-Bataa-de-Montero and Saul Levine},
  journal={Journal of interpersonal violence},
  volume={19 9},
The objective of this study was to determine if a brief screen for domestic violence (DV) predicts future violence. We conducted a cohort study of adult women who presented to an inner-city emergency department during an 8-week study period. Participants were screened for DV using the Partner Violence Screen (PVS). At 4 months, follow-up telephone interviews were conducted: rates of verbal and physical violence were measured using the modified Conflict Tactics Scale. Relative risks of violent… CONTINUE READING

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