A polymer/semiconductor write-once read-many-times memory

  title={A polymer/semiconductor write-once read-many-times memory},
  author={Sven M{\"o}ller and Craig Perlov and Warren G. Jackson and C. P. Taussig and Stephen R Forrest},
Organic devices promise to revolutionize the extent of, and access to, electronics by providing extremely inexpensive, lightweight and capable ubiquitous components that are printed onto plastic, glass or metal foils. One key component of an electronic circuit that has thus far received surprisingly little attention is an organic electronic memory. Here we report an architecture for a write-once read-many-times (WORM) memory, based on the hybrid integration of an electrochromic polymer with a… CONTINUE READING
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Silver Nanowire Mesh-Based Fuse Type Write-Once-Read-Many Memory

IEEE Electron Device Letters • 2018
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