A polymath's dilemma

  title={A polymath's dilemma},
  author={Andrew Robinson},
Thomas Young strove to satisfy his curiosity in virtually every scientific subject and, undeterred by sceptics calling for a narrower focus, made discoveries in almost all the fields he studied. 
Embodied interdisciplinarity: what is the role of polymaths in environmental research?
Environmental polymaths can enhance the effectiveness of interdisciplinarity through their knowledge and understanding of different disciplinary languages, epistemologies and methodologies, and as such, should be acknowledged more explicitly in interdisciplinary discussions.
Thomas Young's research on fluid transients : 200 years on
Thomas Young published in 1808 his famous paper (1) in which he derived the pressure wave speed in an incompressible liquid contained in an elastic tube. Unfortunately, Young's analysis was obscure
Understanding and Conceptualizing Risk in Large-Scale Social-Ecological Systems
Many of the most serious global impacts have emerged from the interaction of human activities in the scientific-technical-industrial system. Changing from largely disciplinary science to multi- and
Leaf Anatomy and Leaf Elasticity
The Interdisciplinary Research Team not the Interdisciplinarist
Worldwide there is a growing interest in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research.  This overview paper addresses some of the pitfalls and barriers to being an interdisciplinary researcher.
Learning and Leadership
  • R. Clair
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    Learning-Centred Leadership in Higher Education
  • 2020