A pneumatic analogue for predicting the occurrence of decompression sickness

  title={A pneumatic analogue for predicting the occurrence of decompression sickness},
  author={Brian Andrew Hills},
  journal={Medical and biological engineering},
  • B. Hills
  • Published 1 September 1967
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Medical and biological engineering
A pneumatic analogue has been constructed, as a mathematical instrument for predicting the occurrence of marginal symptoms of decompression sickness. It is designed to analyse diving data according to the concept of phase equilibration, in preference to the conventional criterion of limited supersaturation. This ‘thermodynamic’ approach display a better correlation with experimental data fed to the instrument than that afforded by conventional calculation methods.By considering the worst… 
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Different experimental conditions must be considered as a starting point for the evaluation of new drugs and strategic therapies and excellent correlations among measurements made by the same operator under the same experimental conditions and by two different operators are found.
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