A pluralistic approach to global poverty

  title={A pluralistic approach to global poverty},
  author={Carl Knight},
  journal={Review of International Studies},
  pages={713 - 733}
  • C. Knight
  • Published 2008
  • Sociology
  • Review of International Studies
Abstract A large proportion of humankind today lives in avoidable poverty. This article examines whether affluent individuals and governments have moral duties to change this situation. It is maintained that an alternative to the familiar accounts of transdomestic distributive justice and personal ethics put forward by writers such as Peter Singer, John Rawls, and Thomas Pogge is required, since each of these accounts fails to reflect the full range of relevant considerations. A better account… Expand
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iii 1: The Issue 1 2: Method and Presuppositions 1 3: The Text's Argument 2 4: Analysis of the Text's Argument 3 5: Conclusion 23 References 25