A plant-produced plague vaccine candidate confers protection to monkeys.

  title={A plant-produced plague vaccine candidate confers protection to monkeys.},
  author={Vadim Mett and Jarred Lyons and Konstantin A Musiychuk and Jessica A. Chichester and Trevor Brasil and Ronald C. Couch and Robert M. Sherwood and Gene A. Palmer and Stephen J. Streatfield and Vidadi Yusibov},
  volume={25 16},
Production of vaccine antigens in plants has received considerable attention over the last decade. However, despite many antigens being expressed in plant systems, and promising efficacy data with rodent models, few vaccine candidates have advanced into studies in non-human primates or human clinical trials. Here, we report on the transient expression of the F1 and LcrV antigens of Yersinia pestis in Nicotiana benthamiana. The antigens were expressed as fusions to the thermostable enzyme of… CONTINUE READING

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