A planetary system around the millisecond pulsar PSR1257 + 12

  title={A planetary system around the millisecond pulsar PSR1257 + 12},
  author={A. Wolszczan and D. Frail},
  • A. Wolszczan, D. Frail
  • Published 1992
  • Physics
  • Nature
  • MILLISECOND radio pulsars, which are old (∼109yr), rapidly rotating neutron stars believed to be spun up by accretion of matter from their stellar companions, are usually found in binary systems with other degenerate stars1. Using the 305-m Arecibo radiotelescope to make precise timing measurements of pulses from the recently discovered 6.2-ms pulsar PSR1257 +12 (ref. 2), we demonstrate that, rather than being associated with a stellar object, the pulsar is orbited by two or more planet-sized… CONTINUE READING
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