A pilot study of the role of the claustrum in attention and seizures in rats

  title={A pilot study of the role of the claustrum in attention and seizures in rats},
  author={Arezou Bayat and Sweta Joshi and Sahar Jahan and Phillip Connell and Komei Tsuchiya and David Chau and Tanvir U. Syed and Patrick A. Forcelli and Mohamad Z Koubeissi},
  journal={Epilepsy Research},
OBJECTIVE The claustrum has been implicated in consciousness, and MRIs of patients with status epilepticus have shown increased claustral signal intensity. In an attempt to investigate the role of claustrum in cognition and seizures, we (1) assessed the effect of high-frequency stimulation (HFS) of the claustrum on performance in the operant chamber; (2) studied interclaustral and claustrohippocampal connectivity through cerebro-cerebral evoked potentials (CCEPs); and (3) investigated the role… 
The Claustrum in Relation to Seizures and Electrical Stimulation
It is found that HFS of the claustrum decreased the performance in the operant task in a manner that was proportional to the current intensity used, and CCEPs established the presence of effective connectivity between both claustra and bilateral hippocampi indicating that these connections may be part of the circuitry involved in alteration of consciousness in limbic seizures.
Electrical Stimulation in the Claustrum Area Induces a Deepening of Isoflurane Anesthesia in Rat
It is shown that electrical stimulation of the claustrum area during slow-wave isoflurane anesthesia induces a transitory increase in anesthetic depth, documented by the appearance of a BS ECoG pattern, and suggests a potential role of claustrums in anesthesia.
Transcriptomic Characterization of the Human Insular Cortex and Claustrum
The insula was found to have enriched expression of genes associated with mood disorders, learning, cardiac muscle contraction, oxygen transport, glutamate and dopamine signaling and specific expression in the claustrum was enriched for genes pertaining to human immunodeficiency virus, severe intellectual disability, epileptic encephalopathy, intracellular transport, spine development, and macroautophagy.
Internal Subdivisions of the Marmoset Claustrum Complex: Identification by Myeloarchitectural Features and High Field Strength Imaging
The results indicate that the classically defined marmoset claustrum includes at least two major subdivisions, which correspond to the dorsal endopiriform and insular claUSTrum nuclei, as described in other species, and that the dorsal EndopIRiform nucleus (DEnD) contains architecturally distinct compartments.
Layer 6A pyramidal cells subtypes form synaptic microcircuits with distinct functional and structural properties
A functional division of local layer 6A excitatory microcircuits which may be responsible of the differential temporal engagement of layer 6 feed-forward and feedback networks is identified and provides a basis for further investigations on the long-range cortico-cortical, Cortico-thalamic and cortICO-claustral pathways.
Layer 6A Pyramidal Cell Subtypes Form Synaptic Microcircuits with Distinct Functional and Structural Properties.
A functional division of local layer 6A excitatory microcircuits is identified which may be responsible for the differential temporal engagement of layer 6 feed-forward and feedback networks.


Further evidence for a role of the anterior claustrum in epileptogenesis
Support is added to the notion that the CLA contributes to the development of generalized limbic seizures by finding an asymmetrical transfer of kindling to the CLA from the amygdala wherein amygdaloid kindling facilitated subsequent kindling of the CLA but kindled of the anterior CLA failed to facilitate kindlingof the amygdala.
The effect of claustrum lesions on human consciousness and recovery of function
Crick and Koch proposed that the claustrum plays a crucial role in consciousness. Their proposal was based on the structure and connectivity of the claustrum that suggested it had a role in
Susceptibility to Kindling and Neuronal Connections of the Anterior Claustrum
The anatomical connections of the anterior claustrums are consistent with its very high susceptibility to kindling and support the view that the claustrum is part of a forebrain network of structures participating in the generalization of seizures.
Kindling of claustrum and insular cortex: comparison to perirhinal cortex in the rat
It appears that the perirhinal cortex is not unique in its property of rapid epileptogenesis, and the posterior claustrum exhibited the fastest kindling and most vigorous patterns of clonus, suggesting that it may be even more intimately associated with the motor substrates responsible for limbic seizure generalization than is the periral cortex.
Interhemispheric resting-state functional connectivity of the claustrum in the awake and anesthetized states
RS-fMRI data indicate that the claustrum has functional connections with mPFC and MD-thalamus that are significantly lessened by anesthesia.
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The claustrum, internal, external and extreme capsules, putamen and ectosylvian cortex of 27 awake, unrestrained cats were stimulated and changes in behavior were observed.
Rat Claustrum Coordinates But Does Not Integrate Somatosensory and Motor Cortical Information
Although the rodent claustrum is probably involved in the interhemispheric coordination of the MI and SI whisker representations, it does not receive inputs from both of these cortical regions, and should not be universally regarded as an integrator of somesthetic and motor information.
Electrical stimulation of a small brain area reversibly disrupts consciousness
The findings suggest that the left claustrum/anterior insula is an important part of a network that subserves consciousness and that disruption of consciousness is related to increased EEG signal synchrony within frontal-parietal networks.
Brain mechanisms of altered conscious states during epileptic seizures
Novel insights into the brain mechanisms that underlie alterations of consciousness during epileptic seizures are reviewed and the implications for clinical practice in terms of diagnosis and management are reviewed.
New-Onset Refractory Status Epilepticus with Claustrum Damage: Definition of the Clinical and Neuroimaging Features
Febrile illness-related SE associated with bilateral claustrum hyperintensity on MRI represents a condition with defined clinical features and a presumed but unidentified autoimmune etiology.