A pilot study of bullying and harassment among medical professionals in Pakistan, focussing on psychiatry: need for a medical ombudsman

  title={A pilot study of bullying and harassment among medical professionals in Pakistan, focussing on psychiatry: need for a medical ombudsman},
  author={Amin A. Muhammad Gadit and Gerry Mugford},
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Background: The magnitude of bullying and harassment among psychiatrists is reportedly high, yet no peer-review published studies addressing this issue could be found. Therefore, it was decided to conduct a pilot study to assess the degree of the problem, the types of bullying/harassment and to provide some insights into the situation. Methods and Principal Findings: Following multiple focus group meetings, a yes/no response type questionnaire was developed to assess the degree and type of… 

Bullying of Medical Students in Pakistan: A Cross-Sectional Questionnaire Survey

Adoption of a policy against bullying and harassment by medical colleges, and providing avenues of support for students who have been bullied may help reduce this phenomenon, as the presence of these two was associated with decreased likelihood of students reporting having being bullied.

Bullying of Trainee Psychiatrists in Pakistan: A Cross-Sectional Questionnaire Survey

Most postgraduate psychiatry trainees in Pakistan have experienced bullying, and it may be necessary to introduce antibullying policies at least at the organizational level.

Systematic review of academic bullying in medical settings: dynamics and consequences

Academic bullying commonly involved overwork, had a negative impact on well-being and was not typically reported, and Methodologically robust trials of anti-bullying interventions are needed.

Bullying of junior doctors in Pakistan: a cross-sectional survey.

Major changes are required at the national, organisational and individual levels in Pakistan to tackle the bullying problem and prevent its adverse consequences in an already vulnerable healthcare delivery system.

Assessment of Knowledge, Perception and Prevalence of Bullying Practices among Medical Students of Quetta

High rates of bullying among medical students indicate the need for the institutions to have a strong policy against bullying with proper monitoring and there is also a need for raising or spreading awareness among students, so they perceive and deal with bullying in a better way.

Bullying among medical and nonmedical students at a university in Eastern Saudi Arabia

The data suggest similar bullying rates in the developed world but higher than previously reported in a Saudi study, and affects both medical and nonmedical students and is associated with high levels of anxiety and depression.

Relationship Between Workplace Harassment And Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms Among Pakistani Female Healthcare Professionals

It is indicated that workplace harassment and sexual harassment were the strongest predictors for posttraumatic stress symptoms, whereas, none of the demographic variables accounted for variance.

Academics’ perceptions of bullying at work: insights from Pakistan

Purpose Despite an extensive history of research into workplace bullying and the psychosomatic harm associated with it in western contexts, research into the occurrence and manifestation of


It is indicated that sexual harassment is common in the hospital environment, particularly during the night duties, and there is a possibility of significant under-reporting of sexual harassment.

Bullying and harassment at workplace: are we aware?

Anecdotal evidences suggested that doctors have been less likely to admit to experiencing bullying and harassment compared to other healthcare workers, which has important implications for medical training and for doctors choosing research projects in UK.



Workplace bullying in junior doctors: questionnaire survey

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Findings from a study of workplace bullying among junior doctors in the United Kingdom show that medical students suffer high levels of mistreatment or bullying during training, which increase with progression through medical school, spilling over into the early training years.

Bullying, depression, and suicidal ideation in Finnish adolescents: school survey

Adolescents who are being bullied and those who are bullies are at an increased risk of depression and suicide, and interventions aimed at reducing bullying in schools, as well as psychiatric assessment and treatment of bullies andThose who are bullied, might also prevent depression and suicidal ideation.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Origins, Drafting, and Intent

In his 1941 State of the Union message President Franklin Roosevelt called for the protection worldwide of four essential freedoms: "the freedom of speech and expression, the freedom of worship, the

Bullying in medical schools

Harassment in medical schools is still rife and must be tackled, says Diana F Wood, chief medical officer of England and Wales.

Universal declaration of human rights

Powerful, moving, simple and forceful, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights speaks to us all -- about our ideals, about hope, about the sort of world we want to create and live in. Bought

Bullying and harassment among professional colleagues in Pakistan

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Bullying, depression and suicidal

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