A physiological and enzymatic study of Debaryomyces hansenii growth on xylose- and oxygen-limited chemostats

  title={A physiological and enzymatic study of Debaryomyces hansenii growth on xylose- and oxygen-limited chemostats},
  author={Alexandra Nobre and Lu{\'i}s Duarte and Jos{\'e} Carlos Pereira Roseiro and Francisco Manuel Girio},
  journal={Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology},
The effect of changing growth rate and oxygen transfer rate (OTR) on Debaryomyces hansenii physiology was studied using xylose-limited and oxygen-limited chemostat cultures, respectively, and complemented with enzymatic assays. Under xylose-limited chemostat (oxygen-excess), neither ethanol nor xylitol was produced over the entire range of dilution rate (D). The maximal volumetric biomass productivity was 2.5 g l–1 h–1 at D =0.25 h–1 and cell yield was constant at all values of D. The… CONTINUE READING


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