A physiologic assessment of intrathecal amitriptyline in sheep.

  title={A physiologic assessment of intrathecal amitriptyline in sheep.},
  author={Sergio E. Cerda and Chuanyao Tong and Dwight D. Deal and James C Eisenach},
  volume={86 5},
BACKGROUND Intrathecal injection of amitriptyline enhances antinociception from intravenous morphine and reduces neuropathic pain behavior in animals. This study represents part of a preclinical assessment of intrathecal amitriptyline to determine its safety for use in humans. METHODS Low thoracic intrathecal, femoral, and pulmonary arterial catheters were inserted in 18 adult ewes, followed 96 h later by intrathecal injection of saline or 5 mg amitriptyline and by determination of spinal… CONTINUE READING

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