A phylogenetic reconstruction and emendation of Agaricus section Duploannulatae.

  title={A phylogenetic reconstruction and emendation of Agaricus section Duploannulatae.},
  author={Michael P. Challen and Richard W. Kerrigan and Philippe Callac},
  volume={95 1},
Agaricus section Duploannulatae comprises the group of species allied with A. bisporus and A. bitorquis. Disagreement exists in the literature regarding the composition of this group. We used DNA sequence data from the ITS segments of the nuclear ribosomal DNA region, in a sample of European and North American isolates, to identify characters shared by this group, to further delimit species-level taxa within the section, and to develop a phylogenetic hypothesis. Shared polymorphisms that… CONTINUE READING

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