A pharmacokinetic study of neostigmine in man using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry


To permit rational evaluation of the empirical pharmacotherapy of myasthenia with cholinesterase inhibitors, a sensitive and selective method for the determination of neostigmine has been developed. Analysis is based on ion-pair extraction of neostigmine into methylene chloride and determination by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (chemical ionization). As neostigmine was found to be metabolized in plasma in vitro, deuterated (d6) neostigmine was immediately added to the plasma sample as the internal standard. The limit of quantitation of the method was about 1 ng/ml (∼ 3nmol/l). The kinetics following i. v. administration were studied in four patients, who received neostigmine 2.5–3.0 mg iv to antagonize pancurone administered during anaesthesia. Elimination was rapid with a half-life t1/2 (β-slope) of 0.89±0.05 h (mean ± SE). The volume of distribution was 1.08±0.11 l/kg and plasma clearance was 0.84±0.04 l/kg/h. In three fasting myasthenic patients plasma concentrations of neostigmine were followed for 5 h after a single oral dose of 30 mg. Considerable interindividual differences in absorption were expressed in the peak concentrations, which occurred 1–2 h following drug ingestion. The bioavailability of neostigmine was estimated to be 1–2% of the ingested dose. Neostigmine concentration in plasma was found to differ considerably (up to forty-fold) between myasthenic patients on their ordinary dose-schedules of cholinesterase inhibitors.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00558442

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