A pesquisa-ação participante como estratégia metodológica para o estudo do empreendedorismo social em administração de empresas

  title={A pesquisa-aç{\~a}o participante como estrat{\'e}gia metodol{\'o}gica para o estudo do empreendedorismo social em administraç{\~a}o de empresas},
  author={Marcos Bidart Carneiro de Novaes and Antonio Carlos Amador Gil},
  journal={RAM. Revista de Administraç{\~a}o Mackenzie},
This essay aims to analyze and discuss how participatory action research can be applied as a methodological strategy in business administration. This analysis focuses mainly on the field of entrepreneurship and, more specifically, social entrepreneurship, highlighting the advantages and limitations of this research strategy. Firstly, the main research paradigms in business administration are analyzed and participatory-action research is defined as a research modality set within the radical… Expand
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