A person-centered care intervention for geriatric certified nursing assistants.


PURPOSE To pilot test a multicomponent intervention to increase certified nursing assistants' (CNAs) awareness of person-centered care. To establish the feasibility of implementing an intervention involving videotaped biographies of residents and videotapes of resident/CNA caregiving interactions. DESIGN AND METHODS A training program was provided at two nursing homes (NHs) using a wait-list control design. Levels of dyadic relationship closeness and satisfaction were compared prepost. Video recordings of CNA/resident interactions were coded for person-centered care using two observational instruments. RESULTS Based on data from 19 resident/aide dyads, the findings were that resident's perceptions of relationship closeness increased significantly posttraining at both NHs, NH1, z = -1.89, p < .05, and the NH2, z = -1.95, p < .05. Effects were also seen with the CNA's perceptions of satisfaction and closeness, and resident satisfaction. IMPLICATIONS The findings suggest that this type of intervention is feasible and warrants further research.

DOI: 10.1093/geront/gns135
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