A peculiar pluralism

  title={A peculiar pluralism},
  author={Enzo Pace},
  journal={Journal of Modern Italian Studies},
  pages={100 - 86}
  • E. Pace
  • Published 1 March 2007
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Modern Italian Studies
Abstract In this article, we shall describe the complexity and differentiation that characterizes the state of religion in Italy, beginning with a concise reconstruction of the chief factors that characterize the relationship that Italians experience with their birth religion or the prevailing religion (Catholicism). We shall then describe the level of ethical and religious pluralism (found both within the Catholic universe and, especially, outside of that universe) that Italian society is… 

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AGNieSZKA pASieKA hOW pLuRALiSM becOMeS hieRARchicAL ? debAtiNG pLuRALiSM iN cONteMpORARY pOLANd 1

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