A past to be forgotten? Writing Ottoman history in early republican Turkey

  title={A past to be forgotten? Writing Ottoman history in early republican Turkey},
  author={Erdem S{\"o}nmez},
  journal={British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies},
  pages={753 - 769}
  • Erdem Sönmez
  • Published 16 January 2020
  • History
  • British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
ABSTRACT Scholars of modern Turkish history have long asserted that Ottoman history and historiography were effectively silenced by the Kemalist elite in the early republican period. According to the existing scholarship, the Kemalist nation-builders regarded the new republic as the exact opposite of the ‘cosmopolitan’ Ottoman Empire, discrediting it as an illegitimate ancien régime. As a result of this break with the Ottoman past, which entailed the destruction or silencing of everything… 
Displaying the Ottoman past in an ‘old’ museum of a ‘new’ Turkey: The Topkapi Palace Museum
ABSTRACT In this study, employing qualitative research methods, I explore how the Ottoman past, selectively rejected by Kemalist historiography, is displayed in an established place of memory –


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