A parallel, incremental, mostly concurrent garbage collector for servers

  title={A parallel, incremental, mostly concurrent garbage collector for servers},
  author={Katherine Barabash and Ori Ben-Yitzhak and Irit Goft and Elliot K. Kolodner and Victor Leikehman and Yoav Ossia and Avi Owshanko and Erez Petrank},
  journal={ACM Trans. Program. Lang. Syst.},
Multithreaded applications with multigigabyte heaps running on modern servers provide new challenges for garbage collection (GC). The challenges for “server-oriented” GC include: ensuring short pause times on a multigigabyte heap while minimizing throughput penalty, good scaling on multiprocessor hardware, and keeping the number of expensive multicycle fence instructions required by weak ordering to a minimum.We designed and implemented a collector facing these demands building on the mostly… CONTINUE READING
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