A pair of Sub-Neptunes transiting the bright K-dwarf TOI-1064 characterised with CHEOPS

  title={A pair of Sub-Neptunes transiting the bright K-dwarf TOI-1064 characterised with CHEOPS},
  author={Thomas G. Wilson and Elisa Goffo and Yann Alibert and Davide Gandolfi and Andrea Bonfanti and Carina M. Persson and Andrew Collier Cameron and Malcolm Fridlund and Luca Fossati and Judith Korth and W. Benz and Adrien Deline and H. G. Flor'en and Pascal Guterman and Vardan Adibekyan and Matthew J. Hooton and Sergio Hoyer and Adrien Leleu and Alexander J. Mustill and S'ebastien Salmon and S{\'e}rgio G. Sousa and O Su{\'a}rez and Lyu Abe and Abdelkrim Agabi and Roi Alonso and Guillem Anglada and Joel Asquier and Tamas B'arczy and David Barrado y Navascu{\'e}s and Susana C. C. Barros and Wolfgang Baumjohann and Mathias Beck and Thomas Beck and Nicolas Billot and Xavier Bonfils and Alexis Brandeker and Christopher Broeg and Edward M. Bryant and Matthew R. Burleigh and Marco Buttu and Juan Cabrera and S{\'e}bastien Charnoz and David R. Ciardi and Ryan Cloutier and William D. Cochran and Karen A. Collins and Knicole D. Col'on and Nicolas Crouzet and Szil{\'a}rd Csizmadia and Melvyn B. Davies and Magali Deleuil and Laetitia Delrez and Olivier D. S. Demangeon and B-O. Demory and Diana Dragomir and Georgina Dransfield and David Ehrenreich and Anders Erikson and Andrea Fortier and Tianjun Gan and Samuel Gill and Micha{\"e}l Gillon and Crystal L. Gnilka and Nolan Grieves and Sascha Grziwa and Manuel Gudel and Tristan Guillot and Jonas Haldemann and Kevin Heng and Keith Horne and Steve B. Howell and Kate Gudrun Isaak and Jon M. Jenkins and Eric L. N. Jensen and L{\'a}szl{\'o} L. Kiss and Gaia Lacedelli and Kristine W. F. Lam and Jacques Laskar and David W. Latham and Alain Lecavelier des Etangs and Monika Lendl and Kathryn V. Lester and Alan M. Levine and John H. Livingston and Christophe Lovis and Rafael Luque and Demetrio Magrin and Wenceslas Marie-Sainte and Pierre F. L. Maxted and Andrew W. Mayo and Brian McLean and Marko Me{\vc}ina and Djamel M'ekarnia and Valerio Nascimbeni and Louise D. Nielsen and G{\"o}ran Olofsson and Hugh Osborn and Hannah L. M. Osborne and Roland Ottensamer and Isabella Pagano and Enric Pall'e and Gisbert Peter and Giampaolo Piotto and Don Pollacco and Didier Queloz and R. Ragazzoni and Nicola Rando and Heike Rauer and Seth Redfield and Ignasi Ribas and George R. Ricker and Martin Rieder and Nuno C. Santos and Gaetano Scandariato and F. X. Schmider and Richard P. Schwarz and Nicholas J. Scott and Sara Seager and Damien S'egransan and Luisa Maria Serrano and Attila E. Simon and Alexis M. S. Smith and Manfred Steller and Christopher P. J. Stockdale and Gy. M. Szab'o and Nicolas Thomas and Eric B. Ting and Amaury H. M. J. Triaud and St{\'e}phane Udry and Vincent Van Eylen and Val{\'e}rie Van Grootel and Roland K. Vanderspek and Valentina Viotto and Nicholas Walton and Joshua N. Winn},
We report the discovery and characterisation of a pair of sub-Neptunes transiting the bright K-dwarf TOI-1064 (TIC 79748331), initially detected in TESS photometry. To characterise the system, we performed and retrievedCHEOPS, TESS, and ground-based photometry, HARPS high-resolution spectroscopy, and Gemini speckle imaging. We characterise the host star and determine Teff,★ = 4734 ± 67K, R★ = 0.726 ± 0.007 R , and M★ = 0.748 ± 0.032M . We present a novel detrending method based on PSF shape… 
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