A pH-responsive riboregulator.

  title={A pH-responsive riboregulator.},
  author={Gal Nechooshtan and Maya Elgrably-Weiss and Abigail Sheaffer and Eric Westhof and Shoshy Altuvia},
  journal={Genes & development},
  volume={23 22},
The locus alx, which encodes a putative transporter, was discovered previously in a screen for genes induced under extreme alkaline conditions. Here we show that the RNA region preceding the alx ORF acts as a pH-responsive element, which, in response to high pH, leads to an increase in alx expression. Under normal growth conditions this RNA region forms a translationally inactive structure, but when exposed to high pH, a translationally active structure is formed to produce Alx. Formation of… CONTINUE READING

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