A one-step blended soundproof-compressible model with balanced data assimilation: theory and idealised tests

  title={A one-step blended soundproof-compressible model with balanced data assimilation: theory and idealised tests},
  author={Raymond Chew and Tommaso Benacchio and Gottfried Hastermann and Rupert Klein},
  journal={Monthly Weather Review},
A challenge arising from the local Bayesian assimilation of data in an atmospheric flow simulation is the imbalances it may introduce. Acoustic fast-mode imbalances of the order of the slower dynamics can be negated by employing a blended numerical model with seamless access to the compressible and the soundproof pseudo-incompressible dynamics. Here, the blended modelling strategy by Benacchio et al., MWR, vol. 142 (2014) is upgraded in an advanced numerical framework and extended with a… 

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