A numerical stabilization framework for viscoelastic fluid flow using the finite volume method on general unstructured meshes

  title={A numerical stabilization framework for viscoelastic fluid flow using the finite volume method on general unstructured meshes},
  author={Marc Niethammer and Holger Marschall and Christian Kunkelmann and Dieter Bothe},
  journal={International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids},
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A robust finite volume method for viscoelastic flow analysis on general unstructured meshes is developed. It is built upon a general‐purpose stabilization framework for high Weissenberg number flows. The numerical framework provides full combinatorial flexibility between different kinds of rheological models on the one hand, and effective stabilization methods on the other hand. A special emphasis is put on the velocity‐stress‐coupling on colocated computational grids. Using special face… 

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