A nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of solid tetraphosphorus trisulphide

  title={A nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of solid tetraphosphorus trisulphide},
  author={Edward Raymond Andrew and Waldo Stephen Hinshaw and Michael G. Hutchins and Andrzej Jasinski},
  journal={Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences},
  pages={553 - 567}
  • Edward Raymond Andrew, Waldo Stephen Hinshaw, +1 author Andrzej Jasinski
  • Published in
    Proceedings of the Royal…
  • Chemistry
  • The31P n. m. r. spectrum and spin–lattice relaxation time in polycrystalline P4S3 have been measured between 77 and 500 K in the range 7 to 25 MHz. In phase II the31P n. m. r. spectra and second moments are dominated by the anisotropic chemical shift interactions. Close to the first-order phase transition at 314 K the spectra are narrowed by reorientation of the molecules about their triad axes. This motion also generates anisotropicshift spin-lattice relaxation notable for its absence of… CONTINUE READING

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