A novel way of constraining the α-attractor chaotic inflation through Planck data

  title={A novel way of constraining the $\alpha$-attractor chaotic inflation through Planck data},
  author={Arunoday Sarkar and Chitrakshya Sarkar and Buddhadeb Ghosh},
  journal={Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics},
Defining a scale of k-modes of the quantum fluctuations during inflation through the dynamical horizon crossing condition k = aH we go from the physical t variable to k variable and solve the equations of cosmological first-order perturbations self consistently, with the chaotic α-attractor type potentials. This enables us to study the behaviour of ns , r, nt and N in the k-space. Comparison of our results in the low-k regime with the Planck data puts constraints on the values of the… Expand


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