A novel software for optimizing emissions and carbon credit from solid waste and wastewater management.

  title={A novel software for optimizing emissions and carbon credit from solid waste and wastewater management.},
  author={Amani Maalouf and Mutasem El-Fadel},
  journal={The Science of the total environment},

Self-doped N, S porous carbon from semi-coking wastewater-based phenolic resin for supercapacitor electrodes

Contamination of phenolic compounds has devastating effects on the environment. Therefore, its harmless treatment and recycling have received extensive attention. Herein, a novel method for preparing



Life cycle assessment for solid waste management in Lebanon: Economic implications of carbon credit

  • A. MaaloufM. El-Fadel
  • Business
    Waste management & research : the journal of the International Solid Wastes and Public Cleansing Association, ISWA
  • 2019
The results showed that the highest impact arises from landfilling with minimal material recovery for recycling and composting, while incineration coupled with energy recovery contributed to the least equivalent emissions.

Life-Cycle-based Solid Waste Management. II: Illustrative Applications

A companion paper described the development of the integrated solid waste management (ISWM) model that considers cost, energy, and environmental releases associated with management of municipal solid

Greenhouse gas accounting and waste management

A format called the upstream-operating-downstream framework (UOD) is proposed for reporting basic technology-related data regarding GHG issues including a clear distinction between direct emissions from waste management technologies, indirect upstream (use of energy and materials) and indirect downstream (production of energy, delivery of secondary materials) activities.

Life-Cycle-based Solid Waste Management. I: Model Development

This paper describes an integrated solid waste management (ISWM) model to assist in identifying alternative SWM strategies that meet cost, energy, and environmental emissions objectives. An SWM