A novel single-phase 5-level asymmetric inverter

  title={A novel single-phase 5-level asymmetric inverter},
  author={Ding Kai and Zou Yun-ping and Cai Zheng-ying and Wu Zhi-chao and Liu Dong Fei and Xu Xiang-lian},
  journal={The 4th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference, 2004. IPEMC 2004.},
  pages={793-798 Vol.2}
A novel asymmetric 5-level inverter is developed in which a half-bridge diode-clamp inverter and a conventional half-bridge inverter are connected to a common split-capacitor power supply. Analysis of a control technique for the inverter, which incorporates square-wave synthesis in conjunction with unipolar triangle carried-based PWM method, is included. Under the proposed control technique, the new configuration permits faster devices and high voltage devices operating in synergism. Comparison… CONTINUE READING