A novel score for predicting the mortality of septic shock patients.

  title={A novel score for predicting the mortality of septic shock patients.},
  author={J. D. Baumgartner and Christophe B{\"u}la and C. Vaney and Manfred Man-fat Wu and Philippe Eggimann and Claude Perret},
  journal={Critical care medicine},
  volume={20 7},
OBJECTIVE To establish a prognostic scoring system for septic shock patients. DESIGN The clinical, biological, and hemodynamic data of these patients were retrospectively explored to select variables independently associated with outcome. According to the risk of death, ratings from 0 to 2 points were attributed to each value. SETTING Medical intensive care service of a 1,000-bed tertiary care university medical center. PATIENTS Eighty-eight patients in septic shock in whom hemodynamic… CONTINUE READING

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