A novel route in bone tissue engineering: magnetic biomimetic scaffolds.

  title={A novel route in bone tissue engineering: magnetic biomimetic scaffolds.},
  author={Nicole Bock and Alberto Riminucci and Chiara Dionigi and Alessandro Russo and Anna Tampieri and E. Landi and V A Goranov and Maurilio Marcacci and Valentin Alek Dediu},
  journal={Acta biomaterialia},
  volume={6 3},
In recent years, interest in tissue engineering and its solutions has increased considerably. In particular, scaffolds have become fundamental tools in bone graft substitution and are used in combination with a variety of bio-agents. However, a long-standing problem in the use of these conventional scaffolds lies in the impossibility of re-loading the scaffold with the bio-agents after implantation. This work introduces the magnetic scaffold as a conceptually new solution. The magnetic scaffold… CONTINUE READING
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