A novel role for RIP1 kinase in mediating TNFα production

  title={A novel role for RIP1 kinase in mediating TNFα production},
  author={Dana E. Christofferson and Yanping Li and Junichi Hitomi and Wen-hui Zhou and C Upperman and Hongli Zhu and Scott A. Gerber and Steve P. Gygi and Junying Yuan},
  booktitle={Cell Death and Disease},
Receptor-interacting protein 1 (RIP1) is a Ser/Thr kinase with both kinase-dependent and kinase-independent roles in death receptor signaling. The kinase activity of RIP1 is required for necroptosis, a caspase-independent pathway of programmed cell death. In some cell types, the inhibition of caspases leads to autocrine production of TNFα, which then activates necroptosis. Here, we describe a novel role for RIP1 kinase in regulating TNFα production after caspase inhibition. Caspase inhibitors… CONTINUE READING