A novel real-time DSP-based video super-resolution system

  title={A novel real-time DSP-based video super-resolution system},
  author={Sebasti{\'a}n L{\'o}pez and Gustavo Marrero Callic{\'o} and F{\'e}lix Tobajas and Jos{\'e} Francisco L{\'o}pez and Roberto Sarmiento},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics},
The possibility of increasing the spatial resolution of video sequences is becoming extremely important in present-day multimedia systems. In this sense, super-resolution represents a smart way to obtain high-resolution video sequences from a finite set of low-resolution video frames. This set of low-resolution images must be obtained under different capture conditions of the image, from different spatial positions and/or from different cameras - this being the super-resolution paradigm, which… CONTINUE READING