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A novel quantum grid search algorithm and its application

  title={A novel quantum grid search algorithm and its application},
  author={Alok Shukla and Prakash Vedula},
In this paper we present a novel quantum algorithm, namely the quantum grid search algorithm, to solve a special search problem. Suppose $ k $ non-empty buckets are given, such that each bucket contains some marked and some unmarked items. In one trial an item is selected from each of the $ k $ buckets. If every selected item is a marked item, then the search is considered successful. This search problem can also be formulated as the problem of finding a "marked path" associated with specified… 

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Trajectory optimization using quantum computing

The treatment of discretization of the optimization problem wherein the authors discretize not only independent variables but also dependent variables enables a reduction in computational cost through selection of coarse-grained states and facilitates the solution of the trajectory optimization problem via classical discrete search algorithms.

Tight bounds on quantum searching

A lower bound on the efficiency of any possible quantum database searching algorithm is provided and it is shown that Grover''s algorithm nearly comes within a factor 2 of being optimal in terms of the number of probes required in the table.

A fast quantum mechanical algorithm for database search

In early 1994, it was demonstrated that a quantum mechanical computer could efficiently solve a well-known problem for which there was no known efficient algorithm using classical computers, i.e. testing whether or not a given integer, N, is prime, in a time which is a finite power of o (logN) .

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The text has step-by-step examples, more than two hundred exercises with solutions, and programming drills that bring the ideas of quantum computing alive for today's computer science students and researchers.

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Quantum computation and quantum information

  • T. Paul
  • Physics
    Mathematical Structures in Computer Science
  • 2007
This special issue of Mathematical Structures in Computer Science contains several contributions related to the modern field of Quantum Information and Quantum Computing. The first two papers deal

Direct trajectory optimization by a Chebyshev pseudospectral method

  • F. FahrooI. Michael Ross
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the 2000 American Control Conference. ACC (IEEE Cat. No.00CH36334)
  • 2000
A Chebyshev pseudospectral method is presented in this paper for directly solving a generic optimal control problem with state and control constraints and yields more accurate results than those obtained from the traditional collocation methods.


The quadrotor is a small agile vehicle which could be suitable for search and rescue, surve illance and remote inspection, and for autonomous operation a control system that incorporate both trajectory planning and trajectory following is required.

Direct and indirect methods for trajectory optimization

A special direct collocation method that can be used in combination with multiple shooting and a hybrid approach to improve the low accuracy of the direct methods and to increase the convergence areas of the indirect methods are presented.

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