A novel phosphoprotein inhibitor of protein type-1 phosphatase holoenzymes.

  title={A novel phosphoprotein inhibitor of protein type-1 phosphatase holoenzymes.},
  author={Masumi Eto and Andrei V. Karginov and David L. Brautigan},
  volume={38 51},
Control of protein phosphatases is now understood to depend on binding to a variety of regulatory or targeting subunits to form holoenzymes with restricted localization and substrate specificity. In addition, the catalytic subunits of both type-1 and type-2 phosphatases bind specific inhibitor proteins. Here, we report discovery of a new inhibitor protein called PHI-1 that is specific for type-1 protein phosphatase (PP1). Recombinant tagged PHI-1 was phosphorylated by protein kinase C at two… CONTINUE READING
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