A novel one-step synthesis of 2-substituted 6-azaindoles from 3-amino-4-picoline and carboxylic esters.

  title={A novel one-step synthesis of 2-substituted 6-azaindoles from 3-amino-4-picoline and carboxylic esters.},
  author={Jinhua J. Song and Zhulin Tan and Fabrice Gallou and Jinghua Xu and Nathan Yee and Chris Hugh Senanayake},
  journal={The Journal of organic chemistry},
  volume={70 16},
Dilithiation of 3-amino-4-picoline (1) was achieved with sec-BuLi at room temperature. Condensation of the resulting dianion (2) with carboxylic esters afforded a wide range of 2-substituted 6-azaindoles in good yields. 
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