A novel nucleolar G-protein conserved in eukaryotes.

  title={A novel nucleolar G-protein conserved in eukaryotes.},
  author={Jeong-Hyun Park and Bryan C. Jensen and Charles T Kifer and Marilyn Parsons},
  journal={Journal of cell science},
  volume={114 Pt 1},
We describe here a novel, evolutionarily conserved set of predicted G-proteins. The founding member of this family, TbNOG1, was identified in a two-hybrid screen as a protein that interacts with NOPP44/46, a nucleolar phosphoprotein of Trypanosoma brucei. The biological relevance of the interaction was verified by co-localization and co-immunoprecipitation. TbNOG1 localized to the trypanosome nucleolus and interacted with domains of NOPP44/46 that are found in several other nucleolar proteins… CONTINUE READING

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