A novel method for creating working space during endoscopic thyroidectomy via bilateral areolar approach.

  title={A novel method for creating working space during endoscopic thyroidectomy via bilateral areolar approach.},
  author={Yihong Tan and Guo-Neng Du and Yu-Gen Xiao and Wan-shou Qiu and Tao Wu},
  journal={Journal of laparoendoscopic \& advanced surgical techniques. Part A},
  volume={23 12},
BACKGROUND Endoscopic thyroidectomy (ET) can be performed through the bilateral areolar approach (BAA). A working space (WS) is typically created on the surface of the pectoral fascia in the chest wall and in the subplatysmal space in the neck. There are several limitations of using this WS. The aim of this study was to establish a new WS for ET. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A retrospective review was performed on 85 patients with benign thyroid nodules who had undergone ET through a BAA. A WS was… Expand
A novel surgery technique: non-visual dissection for establishing the operating space during total endoscopic thyroidectomy
Application of non-unvisual dissection shorten the time to create operating space and the overall surgical time, and markedly reduced the flap area. Expand
Modified Tumescent Solution for Creating Working Space During Endoscopic Thyroidectomy
The clinical application of gas-liquid mixing tumescent solution can effectively reduce the time for creating a WS and whole operative time, and worthy of being widely used in ET as a safe and effective technique. Expand
Subcutaneous dissection area contributes less to endoscopic thyroidectomy-related invasiveness
It is indicated that the subcutaneous area plays a less important role with regard to BAET-related postoperative pain in patients randomly assigned to standard and limited dissection. Expand


Gasless Endoscopic Thyroidectomy via an Anterior Chest Wall Approach Using a Flap-Lifting System
The data suggest that gasless ET using an anterior chest wall approach is safe and feasible in selected patients for treating benign thyroid tumors and this technique may offer good operative working space when performed by surgeons with relatively low-volume ET practices. Expand
Video-assisted thyroid lobectomy through a small wound in the submandibular area.
A video-assisted hemithyroidectomy procedure that requires only one small incision at the upper neck for the treatment of benign thyroid nodule is developed that is safe, minimally invasive, less time consuming, and cosmetically excellent. Expand
New Endoscopic Thyroidectomy With the Bilateral Areolar Approach: A Comparison With the Bilateral Axillo-Breast Approach
The BAA procedure is an attractive surgical option, particularly for patients with benign thyroid disease or small-sized papillary carcinoma who want an excellent cosmetic outcome and affords the advantages of minimal invasiveness and excellent cosmesis compared with other approaches including BABA. Expand
What is the Evidence for Endoscopic Thyroidectomy in the Management of Benign Thyroid Disease?
Possible advantages of endoscopic thyroid techniques and a patient’s desire for the highest cosmetic outcome possible justify further development of ET in expert hands of endocrine surgeons. Expand
Minimally invasive, totally gasless video-assisted thyroid lobectomy.
A technique for minimally invasive, totally gasless video-assisted thyroid lobectomy that was accepted by a patient with a follicular nodule of the left lobe of the thyroid is developed and concluded that it is feasible and safe. Expand
Anatomy of Pectoral Fascia in Relation to Subfascial Mammary Augmentation
The aim of this study is to elucidate the anatomic details of the pectoral fascia in relation to subfascial breast augmentation by dissecting and studying breasts of Korean cadavers grossly and microscopically. Expand
Endoscopic Thyroidectomy by the Breast Approach: A Single Institution’s 9-year Experience
Endoscopic thyroidectomy by the breast approach for patients with thyroid diseases is an effective procedure that allows an excellent cosmetic result, showing more satisfaction in the young. Expand
Endoscopic right thyroid lobectomy
A 30-year-old woman, operated 3 months previously for a malignant endocrine neoplasm of the body of the pancreas, was admitted with a 4-mm hypoechogenic nodule of the right thyroid lobe and successfully attempted a new endoscopic approach to thyroid surgery. Expand
Endoscopic Thyroidectomy via an Axillo-Breast Approach without Gas Insufflation for Benign Thyroid Nodules and Micropapillary Carcinomas: Preliminary Results
ET via a gasless axillo-breast approach seems to be a safe procedure even for benign thyroid lesions ≥4 cm and micropapillary carcinomas, and there is room for improvement in terms of lessening its invasiveness and shortening the operative time. Expand
Endoscopic vs. conventional thyroidectomy for the treatment of benign thyroid tumors: A retrospective study of a 4-year experience.
The results indicate that ET performed via breast is a technically feasible and safe procedure with excellent cosmetic results for patients with benign thyroid tumors. Expand