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A novel in vitro macrophage senescence model to study macrophaging

  title={A novel in vitro macrophage senescence model to study macrophaging},
  author={Judit Rodr{\'i}guez Ru{\'i}z},
Macrophages play a key role in the immune response destroying pathogens directly or releasing mediators which can activate other cells. However, macrophages from aged mice present defects in their functional activities due to the aging process that alter the immune response. Cellular senescence is characterized by a permanent cell cycle arrest and is produced after continuous duplication/reproduction of a cell. The accumulation of senescent cells seems to be involved in and is responsible for… Expand


Ageing Modulates some Aspects of the Non‐Specific Immune Response of Murine Macrophages and Lymphocytes
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Advanced age impairs macrophage polarization.
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