A novel hybrid fuzzy logic-genetic algorithm-data envelopment approach for simulation optimisation of pressure vessel design problems

  title={A novel hybrid fuzzy logic-genetic algorithm-data envelopment approach for simulation optimisation of pressure vessel design problems},
  author={Ali Azadeh and M. Abdollahian and Mona Hamedi and Seyed Mohammad Asadzadeh},
  journal={Int. J. Math. Oper. Res.},
In this paper, we propose a hybrid fuzzy logic-genetic algorithm for optimising a non-linear problem related to pressure vessel design. The fuzzy non-linear program that we obtain is solved using a Genetic Algorithm (GA), and a simulation was used for generating the initial population. The efficiency of some of the design optimisation algorithms are compared with the proposed approach of this study, based on the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). The results of the DEA reveal that the proposed… 

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