A novel formulation for mebeverine hydrochloride.

  title={A novel formulation for mebeverine hydrochloride.},
  author={Sameh M Abdel-Hamid and Seham El-Sayed Abdel-Hady and Abdel-Hamid A El-Shamy and Hadir F. El-Dessouky},
  journal={Drug development and industrial pharmacy},
  volume={33 10},
The antispasmodic drug mebeverine hydrochloride was formulated into a film-forming gel to be used as a topical local anesthetic. A mixture of cellulose derivatives was used as a base. Additives were used to enhance the release as well as the residence time. Formulations were characterized in terms of drug release, mucoadhesion and rheology. Clinically, the selected formula has shown faster onset (p = 0.0156), longer duration (p = 0.0313), better film residence (p = 0.0313), and no foreign body… CONTINUE READING

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