A novel fluorescent pH probe for expression in plants

  title={A novel fluorescent pH probe for expression in plants},
  author={Alexander Schulte and Inken Lorenzen and Markus Boettcher and Christoph Plieth},
  journal={Plant Methods},
  pages={7 - 7}
The pH is an important parameter controlling many metabolic and signalling pathways in living cells. Recombinant fluorescent pH indicators (pHluorins) have come into vogue for monitoring cellular pH. They are derived from the most popular Aequorea victoria GFP (Av- GFP). Here, we present a novel fluorescent pH reporter protein from the orange seapen Ptilosarcus gurneyi (Pt- GFP) and compare its properties with pHluorins for expression and use in plants. pHluorins have a higher pH-sensitivity… CONTINUE READING