A novel ensemble deep learning model for stock prediction based on stock prices and news

  title={A novel ensemble deep learning model for stock prediction based on stock prices and news},
  author={Yang Li and Yi Pan},
  journal={International Journal of Data Science and Analytics},
  pages={139 - 149}
  • Yang Li, Yi Pan
  • Published 23 July 2020
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Data Science and Analytics
In recent years, machine learning and deep learning have become popular methods for financial data analysis, including financial textual data, numerical data, and graphical data. One of the most popular and complex deep learning in finance topics is future stock prediction. The difficulty that causes the future stock forecast is that there are too many different factors that affect the amplitude and frequency of the rise and fall of stocks at the same time. Some of the company-specific factors… 
Deep learning based non-linear regression for Stock Prediction
This paper proposes a deep learning based non-linear regression method to predict the stock price and reveals that the proposed method performed better than existing machine learning based approaches.
Trading Stocks Based on Financial News Using Attention Mechanism
This experimental study has shown that CNN (80.86%) and LSTM (84%) are the best performing models in relation to machine learning models, such as Support Vector Machine (SVM) (50.3%), Random Forest (67.93%), and Naive Bayes (59.79%).
Multiclass Classifier for Stock Price Prediction
The individual stock-wise evaluation of the Multiclass (One V/s All) classifier is found to achieve the highest accuracy among all other classifiers which is outperforming all the recent proposals.
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Pretraining Financial Text Encoder Enhanced by Lifelong Learning
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Deep learning for stock prediction using numerical and textual information
A novel application of deep learning models, Paragraph Vector, and Long Short-Term Memory, to financial time series forecasting and models the temporal effects of past events on opening prices about multiple companies with LSTM is proposed.
Stock Market Prediction with Deep Learning: A Character-based Neural Language Model for Event-based Trading
This work explores recurrent neural networks with character-level language model pre-training for both intraday and interday stock market forecasting, and shows that this technique is competitive with other state-of-the-art approaches.
DP-LSTM: Differential Privacy-inspired LSTM for Stock Prediction Using Financial News
A novel deep neural network DP-LSTM is proposed for stock price prediction, which incorporates the news articles as hidden information and integrates difference news sources through the differential privacy mechanism.
Listening to Chaotic Whispers: A Deep Learning Framework for News-oriented Stock Trend Prediction
A Hybrid Attention Networks (HAN) is designed to predict the stock trend based on the sequence of recent related news, and the self-paced learning mechanism is applied to imitate the third principle.
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Stock market's price movement prediction with LSTM neural networks
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Using Structured Events to Predict Stock Price Movement: An Empirical Investigation
This work proposes to adapt Open IE technology for event-based stock price movement prediction, extracting structured events from large-scale public news without manual efforts, and outperforms bags-of-words-based baselines and previous systems trained on S&P 500 stock historical data.
Stock Price Correlation Coefficient Prediction with ARIMA-LSTM Hybrid Model
This work applies LSTM recurrent neural networks (RNN) in predicting the stock price correlation coefficient of two individual stocks using the ARIMA-LSTM hybrid model, which turned out superior to all other financial models by a significant scale.
Ensembles of Recurrent Neural Networks for Robust Time Series Forecasting
An ensemble architecture is proposed that combines forecasts of a number of differently parameterized LSTMs to a robust final estimate which, on average, performs better than the majority of the individual LSTM base learners, and provides stable results across different datasets.
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