[A novel class of testis-specific small RNAs: piRNAs].


Eukaryotes produce various types of 19-30 nt small RNAs, which act as guides to the regulation of gene expressions, such as mRNA degradation and translational repression. The Argonaute family members related to small RNA functions fall into 2 subfamilies. One is the AGO subfamily, whose 4 members distribute widely, confirmedly bind to miRNAs and siRNAs and… (More)


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@article{Ding2008ANC, title={[A novel class of testis-specific small RNAs: piRNAs].}, author={Xiao-fang Ding and Hong-gang Li and Cheng-liang Xiong}, journal={Zhonghua nan ke xue = National journal of andrology}, year={2008}, volume={14 2}, pages={163-5} }