A novel centrosome-associated protein with affinity for microtubules.

  title={A novel centrosome-associated protein with affinity for microtubules.},
  author={Pascal A. Stein and Christopher P Toret and Adrian N Salic and Melissa M Rolls and Tom A Rapoport},
  journal={Journal of cell science},
  volume={115 Pt 17},
We have identified a novel mammalian protein, MIR1, with microtubule-binding activity. MIR1 is a relative of MID1/midin, the protein implicated in Opitz G/BBB syndrome. In tissue culture cells, MIR1 is enriched at the centrosome. MIR1 dissociates from centrosomes at the G2/M transition and is recruited back to spindle poles during anaphase. When overexpressed during interphase, MIR1 binds along microtubule filaments, which become stabilized, bundled and detached from the centrosome. In mitosis… CONTINUE READING


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