A novel architecture to enhance Quality of Service in IP networks


The purpose of this research is to address the issue of enhancing the Quality of Service(QoS) in IP networks, to make it more optimal in a given network of networks using a novel approach. In this approach, QoS is provided to the packet even when the packet crosses its access network into the backbone. It proposes a new design or set of features in the routers which maps and translates the QoS provisioning from one network to the other. This paper targets at making the quality of service more dynamic by attempting to provide QoS not just at ingress or egress routers but also in the backbone network. In addition, it discusses the economic aspects for upgraded network infrastructure and also comments on the scenarios in which the proposed schema would be helpful along with the placement of dynamic QoS aware routers in the network of networks.

DOI: 10.1109/ICOIN.2017.7899567

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