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A novel approach to the crystal-field theory - the orbital magnetism in 3d-ion compounds

  title={A novel approach to the crystal-field theory - the orbital magnetism in 3d-ion compounds},
  author={Ryszard J Radwanski and Z. Ropka},
  journal={arXiv: Strongly Correlated Electrons},
We point out that the orbital magnetism has to be taken into account in the description of real 3d-ion compounds. According to the developed by us the Quantum-Atomistic Solid-State (QUASST) theory in compounds containing open 3d-/4f-/5f-shell atoms there exists a discrete atomic-like low-energy electronic structure that predominantly determines electronic and magnetic properties of the whole compound. The relatively weak intra-atomic spin-orbit coupling is fundamentally important as it governs… Expand
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