A novel and fast parallel solution for the vertex cover problem on DNA-based supercomputing

  title={A novel and fast parallel solution for the vertex cover problem on DNA-based supercomputing},
  author={Xu Zhou and Guangxue Yue and Kenli Li and Xiang Yu and Renfa Li},
  journal={2010 IEEE Fifth International Conference on Bio-Inspired Computing: Theories and Applications (BIC-TA)},
The volume's exponential explosion problem has been the critical factor that constraints the development of the DNA computing. For the objective to decrease the DNA volume complex of the vertex cover problem which is a famous NP-complete problem, a new DNA algorithm is advanced. The new algorithm consists of a parallel reducer, a solution generator, a dense parallel searcher, a sparse parallel searcher and a vertex cover searcher. In a computer simulation, the DNA strands of maximum number… CONTINUE READING


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