A novel and efficient synthesis of phenanthrene derivatives via palladium/norbornadiene-catalyzed domino one-pot reaction

  title={A novel and efficient synthesis of phenanthrene derivatives via palladium/norbornadiene-catalyzed domino one-pot reaction},
  author={Yue Zhong and Wen-Yu Wu and Shao-Peng Yu and Tian-Yuan Fan and Hai-Tao Yu and Nian-Guang Li and Zhi-Hao Shi and Yu-Ping Tang and Jin-Ao Duan},
  journal={Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry},
  pages={291 - 298}
Herein we report a novel palladium-catalyzed reaction that results in phenanthrene derivatives using aryl iodides, ortho-bromobenzoyl chlorides and norbornadiene in one pot. This dramatic transformation undergoes ortho-C–H activation, decarbonylation and subsequent a retro-Diels–Alder process. Pleasantly, this protocol has a wider substrate range, shorter reaction times and higher yields of products than previously reported methods. 
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