A novel MCR of isocyanates, aldehydes, and dienophiles.


[reaction: see text] A novel one-pot procedure for the three-component coupling reaction of isocyanates, aldehydes, and dienophiles (IAD reaction) has been developed. Condensation of isocyanates and aldehydes and subsequent Diels-Alder reactions with electron-deficient dienophiles furnishes endo-selective amino-substituted cyclohexenes in good yield.

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@article{Strbing2005ANM, title={A novel MCR of isocyanates, aldehydes, and dienophiles.}, author={Dirk Str{\"{u}bing and Helfried Neumann and Sandra H{\"{u}bner and Stefan Klaus and Matthias Beller}, journal={Organic letters}, year={2005}, volume={7 20}, pages={4321-4} }