A novel HLA-C allele (Cw *1504) related to the Cw6.2 phenotype

  title={A novel HLA-C allele (Cw *1504) related to the Cw6.2 phenotype},
  author={M. R. de Pablo and Carlos Vilches and Maria Estela Moreno and Miguel Kreisler},
A novel allospecifity, HLA-Cw6.2, was detected in several populations of different ethnic origin (Tongio et al. 1991; de Pablo et al. 1992). It was found in =25% of Spanish Gypsies and =2.5% of Spanish non-Gypsies. The allele responsible for this serological specificity in Spanish Gypsies (Cw*1502) has been cloned and sequenced recently, and a simple… CONTINUE READING